May 15 Pig litter

Spring has sprung here at Giddy Up Ranch and that means babies, babies, and more babies!  We welcomed a new litter of 7 piglets to our Vietnamese Pot Belly Mama on May 24th.  Mom and babies are all doing great… until you try to pick up one of the piglets!  They are very vocal when they are held.  Even though we are just trying to love them and absorb their cuteness, they communicate their disapproval by squealing and grunting, similar to how they communicate in the wild.  In the wild, pig herds communicate with each other using a variety of sounds.  They squeak, squeal, grunt, snort, and even sneeze.  Want to hear some of these sounds?  Come see us this afternoon at Bass Pro Shops in Rancho Cucamonga.  We’ll be there from noon to six with a petting zoo (including pigs!), pony rides, and camel rides.  Can’t wait to see you there!

Giddy Up Ranch

Petting Zoos, Pony Rides, Camel Rides, Exotic Animals


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