A Caramel Coated Extra

We traveled to Van Nuys last summer to assist in the creation of a Keiynon Lonsdale music video (EXPLICIT LYRICS WARNING).  The song, “Good Life”, sprang to life on the greens of a local golf course.  And one of its extras added to the theme, if not stealing the entire show.


Caramel is our alpaca that bears a beautiful wool coat of the same color.  He was the only animal we were asked to provide.  And as you can see by watching the music video, no others were really needed.

Caramel gave our client what he asked for, if not more.  When needed, this animal actor stood  in place, walked across the set, and even sat for the final shot.  This meant he had to patiently wait between wardrobe changes by Lonsdale and an exchange of props on set.  This wasn’t a problem for our four-legged extra, as he simply found a shaded waiting area in the grass and some grain to stuff his face.

Keiynan Lonsdale is an Australian born actor, who throws his hat into the music ring from time to time. He is more noted for his role as “Kid Flash” on the television series “The Flash”. He also starred in the ABC series “Dance Academy”, and appeared in the second film of the “Divergent” series, which is titled “Insurgent”.

Is was a pleasure to meet and work with Lonsdale and his team, and I wish him continued success in film and music. “Good Life’ was officially released on August 20, 2017.


Ventura County Took Notice


It seems like it was just yesterday that I was telling everyone that Harry was ready to take the world by storm. And in an instant, he provided us with another example.

On a recent trip to Valley View Middle School in Simi Valley, our beautiful Bactrian impressed both students and the local press at this history day presentation. Harry appeared in the March 14th edition of the newspaper, and as you can see by the photographs posted, he still isn’t camera shy.

Oceans & Valleys

Petting Zoo_Monrovia

While we are always searching for new locations to serve you, here’s a quick reminder that we have maintained a longstanding presence at two current markets.

Monrovia Street Fair

We have been a steady fixture at this San Gabriel Valley street fair for more than a year now. You can find our setup on the corner of Myrtle and Colorado, adjacent to the Wells Fargo.  What makes Monrovia unique is that the attractions are unlimited.  You can join us there for pony rides, camel rides and a full petting zoo.

The Market officially opens at 5:00 pm every Friday, and currently runs till 9:00 pm.  But you will find us open for business even earlier, as we are ready to go as soon as our setup is complete.

Surf City Nights


As the temperature dropped, we vacated this Huntington Beach street fair in December.  But we will be making a return on Tuesday, April 3rd, so beach-goers can once again enjoy our adorable petting zoo.

Our location within the fair has moved.  So if  you were used to finding us in from of the Post Office on the corner of Main and Olive, you can now find us across from Baskin Robbins. If you’re having any trouble finding our location, just follow your nose. I’m sure it will lead you right to us.

The Surf City Nights Street Fair runs from 5:00 pm – 9:00 pm every Tuesday.   But just as it is in Monrovia, we are open for business as soon as the fences go up.

MONROVIA STREET FAIR                                                   SURF CITY NIGHTS

  • 700 S. Myrtle Ave                                                              200 Main Street 
  • Monrovia, CA 91016                                                 Huntington Beach, CA 92648
  • 5:00 pm – 9: 00 pm                                                            5:00 pm – 9:00 pm 
  • Every Friday                                                                      Every Tuesday

Difference Makers

Although our website displays several packages, you should know that each can be tailored to your needs. For religious purposes, some customers choose not to have the pig. Just put in the request, and we’ll leave the little squealers at home.

Just as every occasion is different, so are the themes.  You don’t have to accept every animal listed for our petting zoo, just as you can make additions to those already listed.  Giddy Up Ranch works for you, to ensure that everything is a perfect fit.  Not sure what you will need? Talk to us.  Once we know the theme, we will work with you to bring everything to life.

In a recent visit to The Cause Church in Brea, we did our part in providing the animals necessary for a two-day “Noah’s Ark” themed service.  Of course, this called for additions to our deluxe petting zoo, and we happily obliged.

Whether you’re disgusted by swine, allergic to equines or just prefer smaller animals, just drop us a note.  If possible, we will make substitutions.  And if necessary, we will make additions.

Chag Purim Sameach!


In case you can’t google fast enough to translate the title of this blog post, I’m here to assist you. The language is Hebrew, and the English translation is “Happy Purim Festival”. This Jewish holiday is celebrated late winter or early spring.  And for more than twenty years now, Giddy Up Ranch has been a major part of the celebration. 

For Giddy Up Ranch, Purim brings many visits to Jewish temples, schools and private homes across Southern California. The desired items may vary, though the festivities are all the same. Some will keep it simple with just a petting zoo, while others choose to wow their guests with camels and other exotics. 


These photographs were taken at a Purim event for Valley Torah Girls High School in Sherman Oaks. And as you can see, it wasn’t only the students that dressed the part, so did our camels.

Nadia and Joe were the guests of honor, giving many of the girls their first opportunity to not only see a camel in the flesh, but to also ride one.  Facebook and Instagram are priorities in the teenage world.  And nothing draws more attention, and more likes, than the image of something out of the ordinary to go “one up” on your friends.

We’d like to thank Valley Torah High School for having us, and look forward to being part of this event again.


Come See Us At Bass Pro

Many people call about potential visits to the ranch. Unfortunately, we are not open to the public.  But there are other ways to experience and enjoy the animals we have to offer, and one of those options will be provided this weekend. 

Giddy Up Ranch returns to the Bass Pro Shop in Rancho Cucamonga this coming Saturday and Sunday. You will find us setup in front of the main entrance between the hours of 11:00am – 5:00pm.  

As usual, we will have camel rides, pony rides, and a petting zoo.  We will also be introducing two of our newer camels, which includes our Bactrian “Harry” and baby camel ‘Wendy”. 

Speaking of babies, kids are in season.  Bring your little ones to interact with ours.  The petting zoo will be filled with baby goats, little lambs, piglets, guinea pigs and more. 

We understand that our mobile offers may not be in everyone’s budget, so we try our best to find alternate locations where you can come to us.   The Bass Pro shop has become of  those locations, and we make several appearances throughout the year.  Be sure to always check the “visit us” section of our website, to find the dates of those appearances, as well as other locations to serve you. 

Our Bass Pro pricing is as follows:

  • Camel Rides – $7.00
  • Pony Rides – $7.00
  • Petting Zoo -$5.00

Bass Pro Shops, 7777 Victoria Gardens Lane, Rancho Cucamonga, CA 91739

March 3rd and 4th, 2018   11:00am – 5:00pm

Grab your friends, family and cameras, and meet us there. 

Introducing Harry


Welcome our newest camel to Giddy Up Ranch. Our camel count has increased to five, and with distinct features, this new male stands out among the rest.

Harry is neither the largest or smallest camel in our expanding caravan.  And though he is the hairiest, it isn’t the long mane or bearded chest that makes him unique.  He has two humps, unlike our other single hump members.  He is our first Bactrian, or as I like to say, the first “letter B”.


Bactrian camels originate from central Asia, which explains the difference in appearance.  They are durable, wearing a thick coat to endure the colder climate, while also shedding in the summer months to withstand  extreme heat and drought. So unlike their dromedary counterparts, you’re more likely to find this species in the world’s northern hemispheres.


Harry arrived just in time for our live nativity scenes, and was an instant hit. Along with his beauty, he came with a personality to match. Just ask the folks at Palmdale’s Highland Christian Fellowship, who saw Harry go from a mere nativity piece to the star of the show. Always positioning himself to stare at the lens, he soon appeared in hundreds of Christmas Eve photos that would eventually be shared across social media.  Though our other collection of nativity animals helped spring the birth of Christ to life, it was Harry that provided a long lasting memory for the winding line of churchgoers that were privileged to share his stage.


So, what about that letter “B”?  — A lot of people have a hard time pairing the hump to the camel, but there is a simple way to remember, if you just use the alphabet.  Harry is a Bactrian, which is not only spelled with the letter “B”, but if you lay that capital “B” on it’s side, it appears as two humps.  Dromedary begins with the letter “D”. The capital letter “D” placed on it’s side appears as a single hump.—–Got it?


If you’re a place of worship, you don’t have to wait until December to reserve Harry and others for Christmas pageants and live nativity scenes.  The sooner you book is the better, as all animals are subject to availability.  December dates are reserved quickly, so be sure to secure your place on the calendar today.

Camels are available throughout the year, for theme parties and special events.   We can saddle them for rides or display them for photos, allowing the opportunity for you to “wow” your guests, educate your students, make a grand entrance or add to a film or video.  If it’s “Mr. Personality” you’re looking for, ask for Harry, the newest addition to Giddy Up Ranch, and new memory for your scrapbooks and collage.