Do you like Truffles?

You probably thought I was referring to the delectable chocolate confection most people associate with the word “Truffles,” but in this case, I’m referring to our super adorable, spunky, and oh so soft baby Alpaca, Truffles!  Alpacas go way back in history, as they were used over 6,000 years ago by the Incas in South America.  Alpaca fur was and is still considered one of the most valuable and durable fibers available.  It is water-resistant, flame-resistant, and hypo-allergenic.  Typically, Alpaca fur is used as a wool for socks, scarves, blankets, etc.  Some people get Alpacas confused with their cousins, llamas.  Llamas are larger than Alpacas, have bigger ears, and do not have eyelashes like Alpacas.  They are both however members of the Camelidae family, which also includes… you guessed it… Camels!  Alpacas are herd animals and are very social.  They are very smart and inquisitive, each with very individualized personalities.  Our little Truffles is similar to a large dog, and loves to follow people around and get into trouble.  If you’d like to meet Truffles, please come visit us at one of our upcoming events, or book a petting zoo and request we bring her along.

Giddy Up Ranch

Petting Zoos, Pony Rides, Camel Rides, & Exotic Animals

(818) 335-7538

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