Introducing Harry


Welcome our newest camel to Giddy Up Ranch. Our camel count has increased to five, and with distinct features, this new male stands out among the rest.

Harry is neither the largest or smallest camel in our expanding caravan.  And though he is the hairiest, it isn’t the long mane or bearded chest that makes him unique.  He has two humps, unlike our other single hump members.  He is our first Bactrian, or as I like to say, the first “letter B”.


Bactrian camels originate from central Asia, which explains the difference in appearance.  They are durable, wearing a thick coat to endure the colder climate, while also shedding in the summer months to withstand  extreme heat and drought. So unlike their dromedary counterparts, you’re more likely to find this species in the world’s northern hemispheres.


Harry arrived just in time for our live nativity scenes, and was an instant hit. Along with his beauty, he came with a personality to match. Just ask the folks at Palmdale’s Highland Christian Fellowship, who saw Harry go from a mere nativity piece to the star of the show. Always positioning himself to stare at the lens, he soon appeared in hundreds of Christmas Eve photos that would eventually be shared across social media.  Though our other collection of nativity animals helped spring the birth of Christ to life, it was Harry that provided a long lasting memory for the winding line of churchgoers that were privileged to share his stage.


So, what about that letter “B”?  — A lot of people have a hard time pairing the hump to the camel, but there is a simple way to remember, if you just use the alphabet.  Harry is a Bactrian, which is not only spelled with the letter “B”, but if you lay that capital “B” on it’s side, it appears as two humps.  Dromedary begins with the letter “D”. The capital letter “D” placed on it’s side appears as a single hump.—–Got it?


If you’re a place of worship, you don’t have to wait until December to reserve Harry and others for Christmas pageants and live nativity scenes.  The sooner you book is the better, as all animals are subject to availability.  December dates are reserved quickly, so be sure to secure your place on the calendar today.

Camels are available throughout the year, for theme parties and special events.   We can saddle them for rides or display them for photos, allowing the opportunity for you to “wow” your guests, educate your students, make a grand entrance or add to a film or video.  If it’s “Mr. Personality” you’re looking for, ask for Harry, the newest addition to Giddy Up Ranch, and new memory for your scrapbooks and collage.

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