Not just another horse with stripes…

Baby Zee Marty (2) 11037764_420605624780435_6303273707480724281_n 11133662_420576098116721_2583833504322663860_n Marty (1)

Zebras are in the Equidae family, AKA, the horse family.  Unlike horses, they are covered in stripes!  Beautiful, distinct and unique striped patterns classify this mammal.  Their stripes provide excellent camoflauge and protection in the wild.  No two zebras have the same stripe patterns, just like no two humans have the same set of fingerprints.  Underneath their stripes, their skin is black.  In the wild, zebras live in herds.  Here on the ranch, you will find Marty, our handsome little zebra grazing in the pen with the ponies.  Zebra foals can walk only 20 minutes after being born!  They have a life span of about 25 years.  Zebras can run up to about 35 MPH.  They make noises similar to a donkey’s bray or bark.

Not many people can say they’ve been close enough to a zebra to actually touch it.    Book an exotic zoo and request we bring Marty along.  It will surely be an experience you never forget!

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