Guess my parents


One of our dogs recently had a litter of 6 puppies.  They are about the sweetest, cutest, fluffiest (and fattest!) pups ever!  Want to try to guess what breeds they are?  Both parents live on the ranch.  Here are a few hints:

Mom’s job is to protect livestock.  She is a gentle giant with a steady temperament and a beautiful thick white coat.

Dad’s job is to herd livestock.  He also has a very sweet temperament and is happiest when he has a job to perform.  He is a working dog at heart.

Any ideas?  Stay tuned for our next post & we’ll reveal the breeds.

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It’s snake season

Snakes have been spotted here on the ranch and while they are mostly useful creatures and help with the rodent population, it can be scary coming in contact with an intimidating rattlesnake!  Although rattlesnakes are incredibly dangerous, most of them only attack in defense and would rather retreat than tangle with a human.  Throughout the year, when the weather is warm enough, you must watch your step and give these fascinating creatures the respect they deserve.  Here are some interesting snake facts:

Rattlesnakes can swim!

Kingsnakes actually kill and eat rattlesnakes.

Rattlesnakes are deaf.  They have a really good sense of smell and very good vision.  They detect things in their surroundings through vibrations made in the ground.

Each time they shed, a new rattle segment is added.

Gopher snakes will actually imitate rattlesnakes by flattening out their heads and vibrating their tails and bodies.

Pot-bellied pigs hate snakes and their thick skin offers some protection from bites.

Rattlesnakes are the only venemous snakes in California (we have several varieties).  To identify a rattlesnake, look for a triangular shaped head and a blunt tail (but don’t look too close!  They can strike up to a distance equal to 1/3rd of their body length).

For the safety of everyone here at the ranch (people and animals alike) it is important to be cautious and keep an eye out for these scary critters!


May 15 Pig litter

Spring has sprung here at Giddy Up Ranch and that means babies, babies, and more babies!  We welcomed a new litter of 7 piglets to our Vietnamese Pot Belly Mama on May 24th.  Mom and babies are all doing great… until you try to pick up one of the piglets!  They are very vocal when they are held.  Even though we are just trying to love them and absorb their cuteness, they communicate their disapproval by squealing and grunting, similar to how they communicate in the wild.  In the wild, pig herds communicate with each other using a variety of sounds.  They squeak, squeal, grunt, snort, and even sneeze.  Want to hear some of these sounds?  Come see us this afternoon at Bass Pro Shops in Rancho Cucamonga.  We’ll be there from noon to six with a petting zoo (including pigs!), pony rides, and camel rides.  Can’t wait to see you there!

Giddy Up Ranch

Petting Zoos, Pony Rides, Camel Rides, Exotic Animals

Hello world!


Welcome to Giddy Up Ranch!  We are located in Phelan, CA and service most all surrounding areas.  If you’re planning a private or public event, please consider us for petting zoos, pony rides, camel rides, and exotic animals.

Life on the ranch is always exciting and we plan to share some of our most memorable animals experiences with you.  We will also keep you posted on upcoming public events (which you are always welcome to visit), post pictures of the newest and cutest members of our animal family, and we’ll also try to post some amazing animal and community facts.

We hope you enjoy our blog as much as we love taking care of our animals and our customers!

It’s a great day at the ranch!  🙂