Bringing Legend To Life

Adults understand that unicorns are a thing of Legend. But when it comes to children, it’s just one of those magical creatures yet to be seen. They admire the figurines and stuffed duplication of myth on store shelves. They repeatedly flip through the pages of books for a second glance, and replay their favorite programs that feature this rare sight. A child viewing a unicorn is a child happily staring in awe. And for this reason, Giddy Up Ranch brings legend to life——-if only for a moment.

There are many children’s parties that are unicorn themed. Appearing on plates, napkins and hanging decorations, its image is clearly seen. But most of these functions are absent the guest of honor, because adult imagination is narrow in comparison to that of a child. How can you deliver to a party something that does not exist? Well, the answer is a lot easier than you may think.

Through imagination and creation, we can all become a child again. With a touch of glitter and bows, and a spray of dye in just the right places, our ponies easily transform to duplicate those images of legend. With a single horn protruding from its head, the final and most important detail is applied, and no longer do we have myth.

By broadening the imagination, a child’s fantasy becomes reality. It’s as simple as renting a pony and providing us with the details and needs. Reserve your unicorns today and heighten the imagination of party guests tomorrow. ———– “Legend” is only a phone call away.