Did you see us on Storage Wars?!

Storage Wars (1)Storage Wars (2)Storage Wars (3)Storage Wars (4)Camel Ride 2 Camel Ride

Over the summer, the crew from A&E’s “Storage Wars” came out and shot an episode here at Giddy Up Ranch featuring Marie as the expert in reference to two very old camel saddles Mary found in a locker.  It was so fun to see all of the behind the scenes work that goes into producing the show!  We took lots of pictures, but couldn’t release any spoiler information regarding the episode.  Now that the episode has aired, we can share some of those pictures.  The crew members were all so professional and nice.  Mary is a character and an animal lover.  Before she left the ranch, she rode our camel, JJ and we gave her a small guided tour.  Be sure to check out the episode, “Lock, Stock and One Smoking Darrell” to see Marie, some of our adorable animals, and get a sneak peek of life here on the ranch.  Thanks Storage Wars!

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